Automatic Transmission Filter Kit Program

At Pro-King we understand that automatic transmission filter kits are an important product line for any automotive retailer by offering one of the few opportunities to sell transmission components where a breakdown has not occurred. 

As such, it is important that your organization has access to a complete line of quality automatic transmission filter kits.

At Pro-King we believe that we are the only source capable of offering:

  • Over 350 domestic & foreign kits
  • An OEM quality filter in every kit
  • Every kit has our very own PRO-KING CREATED & DESIGNED LABEL that includes the following information;
    •  - An image of the enclosed filter kit which reduces returns without opening or destroying the packaging
    •  - Recommended fluid type and service fill that provides our customers with fluid up-sell opportunity
    •  - Pan bolt hole count
    •  - Competitor interchange of customer choice
    •  - Along with standard information such as UPC code, made in and date code for tracking
  • We include an upgraded rubber gasket in every box. Better than OEM.
  • Industry’s best E-catalog with PDF downloads available online:
    •  - AAIA mapped
    •  - Aces & pies compliant
  • Automatic transmission filter kit wall charts
  • Toll-free tech line: 1.800.268.2368
  • Images and attributes to ensure customer has the necessary information to make the correct purchase
  • Proven supplier at major retail level
  • Private brand & packaging available
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