Reman Standard Transmission Units & Transfer Cases

Four out of the five largest Automotive Retailers in the U.S. are now selling Pro-King remanufactured standard transmissions and transfer cases.

Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • over 500 SKU’s
  • industry leading e-cataloging
  • 80,000 sq ft remanufacturing facility, 85 employees, over 850 years of combined experience
  • large inventory of cores on hand
  • remanufactured units are reengineered to correct original manufacturers' design flaws
  • units are dyno-tested during a 4 step quality inspection process. 
  • Industry leading warranty terms and a warranty return rate of less than 4%
  • dedicated 1-800 Tech Line for application and alleged warranty issues
  • two U.S. distribution centers guarantees our distribution, RGA, and core return systems

Contact us today to enquire about selling or distributing Pro-King standard transmissions and transfer cases.