Automatic Transmission Rebuild Kit Program

The Pro-King line of automatic transmission rebuild kits represents the largest assortment currently available to automotive retailers, buying groups and traditional warehouse distributors.

We package as many as six different kit variations for all makes and models from Allison to ZF, totaling more than 1,100 different SKU’s.
Rebuilding a transmission is a labor-intensive and technically-challenging task that leaves no room for inferior parts and components. That’s why at Pro-King we offer the very best in quality kits with components from OEM suppliers like TransTec and Borg Warner.

We know that you can’t afford comebacks, so why take a chance?  Pro-King provides you with the best quality kits and OEM components so you don’t have to worry about comebacks.

Contact us today to find out how our knowledge of the industry can help you to develop the perfect automatic transmission rebuild kit program to suit your needs.

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